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Jinan, China Hotel Tariff List

No. Name of Hotel Hotel Rate (HK$) Hotel Address
Low High
1  Century Run Hua Hotel 540 540  138 Wei Er Road, Jinan, China.
2  Gui You Hotel, Jinan 560 590  101 Ying Xiong Shan Road, Jinan.
3  Minghu Hotel 550 550  398 Beiyuan Street, Jinan, China.
4  Pearl Hotel 480 520  164 Jin Shan Road, Jinan, China.
5  Qilu Hotel 780 830  8 Qian Foshan Road, Jinan, China.
6  Shuntian Hotel - -  14 Wuyingshan Road Central, Jinan. 
7  Yuquan Simpson Hotel 700 750  68 Luo Yuan Road, Jinan, China.

Booking conditions :

1. Hotel rates are quoted in Hong Kong Dollars for room rental only.
2. Single room & twin room are the same price.
3. Seasonality is different for different hotel. Please inquiry when making booking.  
4. Hotel rates are included government tax & hotel service charge.
5. Subject to cancellation penalty of HK$150 for a confirmed booking.
6. One night rate will be charged for amendment/cancellation within three working days prior to arrival.
7. Hotel rates are quoted for reference only. Please check when you make a hotel reservation via e-mail :
8. Hotel rates are valid till 31st December 2000 & subject to change without prior notice.